BitTab PRO

Due to development and maintenance cost (plus cups of coffee), BitTab offers a paid version with several premium features to support the developer.
Please support small-team software like BitTab.
Please support us, support cryptocurrency ecology.

  More items

You can add up to 100 cryptocurrencies and alarms.

  Remove advertisements

Far lesser advertisement shown, more neat interface.


BitTab offers only 1-year license due to the characteristics of electronic software and the cryptocurrency market tendency.

Transaction will be safely proceeded powered by Fastspring (has customers like Adobe, Sketch, Skylum, etc..)

* It's less than a dollar per month!
* The purchase is considered as final and non-refundable due to the characteristics of an electronic property.
So, please try the free version first!

License and software policy

· When trying to activate your BitTab, an internet connection is required.
· Once the license key has been activated, you cannot undo, sell, resell, get a refund or change the purchase information including the license key.
· The license key is allowed to be used on only one PC. For example, if you want to use BitTab on both Laptop and Desktop, you should purchase two licenses.
· You can use BitTab on another PC after you deactivate the license, followed by uninstalling the BitTab on the previous PC.

· The refund cannot be proceeded because of the characteristics of electronically distributed software.
· You cannot be refunded by (1) compatibility issue with user's PC, (2) unexpected bugs or errors, delayed update.
· Therefore, please use the free version BEFORE you purchase the PRO version.