· Requires Windows 7 or above, Windows 11 Ready!
· Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or above

SHA-256 checksum
(Installer) : 2bcf4c3b97db4487cf8f8b9937c21a20fef0236b151f1ea72796db34056f854b
(Main executable) : 491604e5211c0f3bd2410838948a478f5bb38d6303a47f7a1e76c07c5678cde8
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VirusTotal® Report for BitTab Installer (Result: Clean) · Main Executable (Result: Clean).

We think safety and privacy

· Windows Smart Screen and/or your web browser may filter BitTab. This is because BitTab's download count is relatively low now. Please allow BitTab and feel free to use it!
· BitTab does NOT deploy any mining tool inside.
· No malware, no spam, no virus.
· User data is stored only on your local computer, except license information.
· BitTab directly delivers values through each official API to your local computer.
· BitTab does NOT require any personal credentials, username, or password at all.