· Requires 32/64bit Windows Vista SP2 or later required (Windows XP is not supported)
· Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later

SHA-256 checksum (Installer) : 05e82791e54f36bc5fa576702391e8ada03a5c730b135a5f0e258459149ce294
Open Virustotal Report for BitTab Installer (Result: Clean)

Perfectly harmless

· Windows Smart Screen and/or your web browser may filter BitTab. This is because BitTab's download count is relatively low now. Please whitelist BitTab and feel free to use it!
· BitTab does NOT deploy any kind of mining tool inside.
· No malware, no spam, no virus.
· BitTab directly delivers values of API from exchanges to your local computer.
· BitTab does NOT require any personal credentials, username or password at all.