Cryptocurrency on your desktop.
Since 2018. Qualified.

For Windows® 7 to 11

#BitTab® is an intuitive cryptocurrency(coin) ticker(tracker) widget for Windows®. It displays real-time values or prices of numerous cryptocurrencies from various worldwide exchanges.

Simply, the crypto widget you have wanted.

You want to know your coin prices on the desktop and want to be noticed when some conditions meet. It's the starting idea of developing BitTab.

NFT marketplaces on BitTab
Always on desktop

On your desktop

It sticks to your screen seamlessly

Many many coins

Keep track of profits

Manage your profits and losses

Be noticed!

Useful alarms

Never miss important moments



Pick your favorite template

Sticky Note Style

Sticky note

Unobtrusive and harmonious design


More than coins

DEX and NFT floor prices



Ticker screen

Various templates

Manage your portfolios

Find and add cryptos

Never miss important moments

Main features

· More than 60 famous and popular exchanges
· More than globally 5000 kinds of coins and tokens
· Attached to the top or bottom on your screen
· Keep track of your profits and losses
· Auto-estimation of total crypto prices
· Auto-conversion of quotes into local currency
· Customizable template-based user interface
· Be notified with various alarm conditions
· Manage your own portfolio sets

BitTab for everyone, multi-purpose

Fulled - Bitcointalk User This tools make my work easier, I don't need to open many tabs anymore on my browser.
Featured on Coinscribble BitTab becomes the first to launch a Windows-based cryptocurrency ticker widget.
Cryptocoinshunter007 - Bitcointalk User It represents information in a decent way. Users can easily keep an eye on the price of the cryptocurrency they are holding.
Ciobica - Softpedia Reviewer Never miss a beat in the crypto exchange world with the help intuitive and unobtrusive cryptocurrency tracker/ticker.

Listed exchanges

* Some exchanges has been delisted or removed.

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BitTab supports customizable templates. You can make your own templates with a little knowledge about HTML and CSS.